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Accredited companies benefit from inclusion in our online Training Directory, as well as access to our library of training aids & literature.

Becoming an AITT registered instructor and Training Provider

The Association of Industrial Truck Trainers is a founder member of the Accrediting Bodies Association (ABA). We have been delivering accreditation to our training providers for over 30 years. 

To become a AITT registered instructor please contact one of our many training providers to arrange your training course at a site here

Becoming an AITT training provider. Three Simple Steps...

  • Instructor Regisration

Once you are a quailifited AITT registered instructor, you may apply to become a training provider.

If you are not an AITT registered instructor, but hold a quailification with another workplace transport accrediting body from another ABA member, you can transfer your quailifications over to AITT. 

The cost is £125+VAT and includes the following:

  1. AITT Registration
  2. ID card and certificate
  3. AITT Instructor manual and Counterbalance/Reach training manual
  4. 12 month indiviual membership

You can download the instructor transfer form here
Complete and email to

  • Company Membership

Apply to be a member of AITT, membership details and levels can be found here  

  • Apply for Accreditation Visit
Complete the our visit request form here and send to AITT. We will then arrage a date to visit your training centre or customer premies with a view to complete an AITT audit. Should this be sucessful, AITT will grant 12 month accreditation.
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What are the benefits?

  • Low cost, as we are industry driven & non profit
  • Covers all sectors of industry
  • Access to information to assist in maintaining standards of training beyond the required minimum.
  • Inclusion in the AITT Web Directory
  • Access to training aids and literature
  • All registered instructors and companies accept that their activities will be independently monitored
  • All registrations are verifiable by certificate and identity card which include a photograph for recognition and security.

Apply for accreditation

Making a payment

Please contact the office on

01530 810867 for secure payments.

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