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AITT launches innovative electronic testing system

The Association of Industrial Truck trainers has revealed a new portable electronic forklift testing document that is set to transform operator training.


Working in partnership with Nick Perry Forklift Training Services, AITT has pioneered the new system — known as PEFT — to make testing procedures faster and easier for both instructors and operators.


“For years the industry has used paper forms, but PEFT will completely change that,” said Adam Smith, Managing Director of AITT. “This digital platform will not only improve the efficiency of forklift operator training but will also eliminate the need for vast amounts of paperwork.”


PEFT is available now to purchase via the AITT store. It operates on an iOS system for use on touch-screen Apple devices, such as an iPad or iPhone, with plans for an Android version currently in development.


AITT instructors can simply open the relevant test paper and enter details of the candidate and truck, before commencing the forklift operator test. PEFT also uses a unique examiner pin code system that automatically adds the instructor’s details to the document.


As a multifunctional tool, PEFT allows operators to either complete their theory test within the electronic document or upload an image of a paper copy.


“During the test, instructors add scores in real time and the system provides an immediate pass or fail mark at the end, which the instructor can then talk through with the operator,” added Adam.


“Importantly, PEFT stores documents electronically. This means that if an audit is required, the files can be emailed, reviewed and returned. The whole process will be much simpler and quicker, not to mention more environmentally friendly as there is no need to use, store or ship paper — saving on costs and travel miles.”


After several years of development and extensive in-depth field trials within the industry, PEFT has been designed for AITT instructors but is available to all examiners. Further information can be found at


Adam concluded: “PEFT represents AITT’s long-term commitment to providing sustainable, practical ways to monitor forklift training; it is our investment in a greener future for the industry.”