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Association of Industrial Truck Trainers
Accreditation by the AITT

The AITT is a founding member of the Accrediting Bodies Association (ABA), delivering accreditation to our training providers for over 30 years.

Any qualified AITT instructor can apply to become an accredited training provider. AITT Accreditation has countless benefits for training providers, such as inclusion in the AITT Online Training Directory. 

As an accredited training provider, you will consistently maintain standards of training, beyond the required minimum, with all registered instructors and companies accepting that their activities will be independently monitored.

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AITT Accreditation
How to Become an AITT Training Provider

To become an AITT training provider, you must first become an AITT company member

Once you have set up your company membership, will need to complete an AITT Accreditation request form and send to the AITT office.

At this stage, AITT will contact you to arrange your company audit.

One of our experienced auditors will visit your company to conduct a thorough audit. If successful, AITT will grant a 12 month accreditation. 

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AITT Accreditation
Benefits of being
AITT Accredited