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Operator Registration

Our operator registrations scheme is called ACORNS. (AITT Certification of Operator Registration Number Scheme) It is our database of all the AITT accredited training that has been delivered by our registered training providers.

Our database started in 2014, and now contains over 300,000 candidate records.

Each registration submitted to AITT undergoes a 17-point check to make sure it complies with AITT & ABA standards, providing peace of mind to the end user by having an HSE recognised qualification.

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Verification of ACORNS
Check if a course has been registered

With an aim to beat fraudulent certification, all AITT courses (post 2014) will be logged onto our database. If this record is not on our database, then the certificate is not accredited.

A quick way to check is to look for the ACORNS logo and a 6 digit unique number supplied by AITT on the certificate.

If you need to verify the legitimacy of any AITT accredited certificate, please send us a message, stating the ACORNS number and the candidate name.



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